Private Lessons

One on one with the instructor. This is a great way to learn good foundations, advance your practice, ask lots of questions and have full control over the content and structure of your classes. Bring your own mat and all other props will be provided.

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Semi-Private Lessons

3 – 4 participants. Have a few friends you’d like to have a class with? Bring your own mats and a limited number of other props will be provided.

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Group Classes

In studio classes of 10-15 participants.

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Yoga Instruction for All Ability Levels

Our Goal:

To make yoga fun and approachable for all ability levels, and to create a space where anyone can find strength, flexibility and a chance to reset.

Our style has it's roots in Ashtanga yoga (Sankrit for "Eight Limbs"), with a focus on strong foundations and healthy alignment.

Each time we see you we want you to feel like you've grown towards more strength, flexibility, contentment, and connection (and had a good time doing it).


Next Steps...

Send Jenn an email to ask a question, request a session or just say hi 🙂